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Soft and Dumb bandcamp

May 9, 2021 at Just Before Midnight

i forgot what i came here for

oh yeah, do I use the exclamation point too much!

I think it's fine!

Everything is fine!

No one cares!

Sure, that sounds great!

poster for outdoor vendor event may 8 2021


date changed

April 23, 2021 at 1:41pm

blades or skates or boards!

those photos were nothing to ___ at,, for the next one maybe flat lays?

a pos pos pos poster (see below). can't complain how this one came out. :) got lucky with some good pic snips

April 16, 2021 at 10:30pm

it's about time

Travis Newgren likes How long will you live in guinea pig land? on quizme.heroku.com.

two nights in a row is way to much. dont do that aagin.

photos tomorrow and i like it. bright orange in the back no issues, plus there won't be any kids in school

i dont really have any graph

April 8th, 2021



edit: update year (i was in 2020), fix spelling (was called the "worse website")

well well well, i guess that is a good thing to have people jumping off stairs! jumping down stairs on a piece of wood. kind of beautiful to see a community flourish like that. i dont want to plateau either but that's agood way to put it

l3mon todo will be fun. i cant believe that print printed fine, all boxed up

pinhead, hellraiser, porcupine?

i think it's red, blue, orange, pink, i forget the rest. just put it all on one site and link to them. shared res

extremely happy to have the tremolo arm!


the type of me that makes you want to

could you even

wipe down a table

if you wanted to



assure me that mine is spinnign and nto urs

call @ 2,.. 4

messages on a t shirt

pinhead enclosure: should it have switches on the bottom as well? he thinks it may need supports to prevent damage to the switches

a plug popped off and filled the practice space with a layer of pulp and shit. we breathed that in all night. my respirator